Sicilian Wines, “White Lotus” Vibes

Sicilian Wines, “White Lotus” Vibes The wines of Mt. Etna were already popular, but now they’ve *ahem* erupted into the mainstream. It seems hard for me to believe, but I’m heading back to Aspen later this month to host a few wine seminars at what will be my 26th Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. … Read more

Burgundy Below the Radar

Burgundy Below the Radar One of France’s greatest wine regions might be known more for its unaffordability as its deliciousness. Until now. I’m just back from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I hosted a few events during their Winter Food & Wine Festival. During my presentation at their opening dinner I told a story about learning … Read more

Tasting Wine on Sicily’s Mount Etna

Tasting Wine on Sicily’s Mount Etna I’m just back from leading my 10th wine tour of Sicily with my partners at Authentic Italy and Essence of Sicily. While we tasted our way from Palermo to Catania, stopping along the way at Planeta Foresteria Resort and Regaleali/Tasca d’Almerita, the culmination of the trip was Mount Etna, … Read more

Getting to Know Greek Wines

Getting to Know Greek Wines Though Greece has been making wine longer than (probably) everyone else, they still remain pretty mysterious to most Americans. Greek wines have always seemed as mysterious to me as Greek culture. You can’t blame me for my naïveté, really, once I tell you about one of my first sweethearts during … Read more