Wines for Hearty Holiday Meals (Part 1/2)

Wines for Hearty Holiday Meals (Part 1/2) With the holiday season up on us, our tables will be amply adorned with an array of hearty holiday dishes that beckon for the perfect wine pairing. While traditional choices like robust reds—especially in cooler climes—may be the natural choice, I’d like to propose an alternative approach: the … Read more

Label Lingo

Label Lingo Choosing a wine is often as much about the packaging as the information the producer provides. As you might imagine, I get a lot of requests for recommendations for wines that typically go something like, “Can you tell me a great Cabernet for under $40?” or, “Name a Pinot Noir for 30 bucks!” … Read more

Wine with Tomatoes!

Wine with Tomatoes! Tis the season to pair the acidity of tomatoes with the acidity in wine. Whenever I host wine tastings I take guests through a series of three sips, or tastes. The first sip is to simply clear the palate by way of a toast: “Cheers to what we professional tasters call ‘the … Read more

Sicilian Wines, “White Lotus” Vibes

Sicilian Wines, “White Lotus” Vibes The wines of Mt. Etna were already popular, but now they’ve *ahem* erupted into the mainstream. It seems hard for me to believe, but I’m heading back to Aspen later this month to host a few wine seminars at what will be my 26th Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. … Read more

Burgundy Below the Radar

Burgundy Below the Radar One of France’s greatest wine regions might be known more for its unaffordability as its deliciousness. Until now. I’m just back from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I hosted a few events during their Winter Food & Wine Festival. During my presentation at their opening dinner I told a story about learning … Read more

Thoughts on Dry January

Thoughts on Dry January My reason for dabbling with no-alcohol, low-alcohol, and full-on alcohol last month was the result of having done a lot of research toward the end of last year, when I began receiving emails from publicists pitching their best non-booze options for ‘Dry January’—and beyond. If you’re reading this while sipping a … Read more

Champagne is Back!

Champagne is Back! After a huge falloff during the pandemic, France’s prestigious sparkler is on the rise, again While statistics on wine consumption last year are still being tabulated, the folks in France who calculate Champagne shipments got an early start this year by announcing a leap of 32-percent, according to Market Watch, to 322 … Read more

Calories in Wine

Calories in Wine A friend reached out to me last week, quite sheepishly, to ask if I had heard of a brand of wine that she had recently subscribed to (to receive a monthly allotment). I said I hadn’t, so she sent me a link to their website, and I realized why she had subscribed … Read more